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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Detroit Real Estate Investing - A series of rants and insight

After many years of experience, and the prodding of several clients. I’ve decided to start posting my rants and wisdom for all to read. Take from it what you will. I will be updating as often as possible.

A little about who I am, and what I do. I hold degree’s in Marketing and Management. I worked for Home Depot at the corporate level for nearly 3 years. In short, my job was to teach the new people everything they needed to know about the products in their departments. I was in charge of product knowledge for Kitchen and Bath, Plumbing, and Millworks. Essentially, I received expert schooling on how to install almost everything in a home, direct from the manufactures.

After Depot, I decided working for myself was better, and become a licensed Appraiser. Back in the “good old days” if you will, when we had the refi boom, and finding comps took 5 minutes. As I saw that start to peek, I became one of the only Appraisers willing to do foreclosure appraisals in the City of Detroit. This was an education beyond belief!

From there, I started rehabbing houses for investors, as well as doing appraisals, and eventually became a fully licensed agent. So you could say, I literally built my company from the ground up.

There’s a lot about Detroit Real Estate Investing people don’t tell you. CNN stories, articles in the Wall Street Journal, etc, they never tell the real story. The facts are, you can buy on 1 block, and have wonderful homes. And the very next block will be a certified war zone. Check out my investment site, We also have a couple YouTube channels we put together. Click on the video’s on the right or left, and check out some of our other projects. If ever you want to ask a question, or get some additional info, send us an email at

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