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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another Reason we Charge less for Detroit Property Management

So I was just sitting here, and recieved the monthly news letter from the "biggest" management company in the area. You've likely seen them. Giant company, who has no idea what their properties actually look like. They pick up a number of clients with "capped" monthly fee's. WHICH , is a great marketing idea. BUT, they charge a LOT more for everything else.

Instead of simply passing the actual cost of a repair to the owner, they mark up repairs 50%! And NOW their charging a "fuel surcharge" for going to their properties. And my favorite, they are raising their lawn cutting fee's to 27.00 a cut. They also insist that they must cut it every week, when we all know every other week is fine.

We're just 20.00 a cut, every 2 weeks. And, we actually pass the contract invoices on to our owners. So they can see, we don't make anything off their repairs. Simple concept really, if your Investing in Detroit Real Estate, you should make your fee's off PROFIT, not expenses!

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